TC de Uithof is the only student tennis club in Utrecht and with over 550 members it is one of the largest student tennisclubs in the Netherlands. All year round, all kinds of activities are organized in both tennis and social life. Many students find their friends at the Uithof. They play sports and spend a wonderful student time with them. In addition to starting and advanced tennis players, we also have a selection with levels within the range of 2 to 4.

Are you a good tennis player or have you never played tennis? Every student in Utrecht can become a member. You’ll always find your way at the Uithof! You can register at TC de Uithof from August 1, 2024.

What does TC de Uithof offer its members?
As a member, you can decide for yourself how actively you want to exercise, if you want to participate in social activities and whether you want to contribute to the organization of our association. Every level is welcome, from advanced player to beginner. Our first team plays 2th class on Sunday. The many activities are organized by multiple committees. Members of different studies and ages join committees from where they organize activities and competitions, write for the club magazine and set up tournaments. TC de Uithof is an open, easily accessible association with no obligations, many possibilities and a wide variety of people.

A selection of our activities: trainings, the weekly club evening (either a drink in the city center or a toss evening at the Olympos sports center), internal tournaments such as the Club championships, the Open Tournament, the student-friendly External Tournament, (theme) parties, an introduction weekend, winter sports, trip to Roland Garros, KNTLB competition in autumn and spring, fitness training, a member weekend, a gala and many weekend trips to other student tennis clubs in the Netherlands. Of course, we also have a selection for talented and promising tennis players.

Accommodation: Olympos sports center
TC de Uithof is located at Olympos, the student sports center of Utrecht. It is located at Science Park De Uithof. Olympos owns 9 smash court tennis courts, of which TC de Uithof normally can use 7 for training sessions, toss nights, competitions and tournaments. This allows the TC to offer space to around 550 training members and 150 competition-playing members. There is also a play wall, a log cabin and a terrace at the tennis park.

Because TC de Uithof is affiliated with Olympos, all members are required to purchase an OlymPas. With this all-in sports card (€160 per year), members can use all the sports facilities that Olympos has to offer throughout the year, including playing on the tennis courts.



Datum/Tijd Evenement
20 juni Clubavond met Oudhof
22 juni Familiedag
27 juni Clubavond
29 juni TC Festival
2 juli Wissel-ALV
4 juli Borrel
5 juli - 7 juli Liftweekend
22 augustus - 24 augustus EXTC
6 september - 8 september Introweekend
20 november Kaartverkoop Lustrumpakketten