Selection tennis

From 2012 TC offers the Uithof selection training courses. In addition to socializing, there is also room for better tennis at our association: student tennis can also be good! The selection is a group of motivated, good tennis players who want to play tennis often and defend the honour of TC de Uithof during tennis activities. The first team of TC de Uithof will compete this spring in the 2nd class mixed Sunday.

Selection criteria
How do you qualify for the selection:
The trainers select Uithoffers (with a minimum level 5) for the selection based on motivation, level, potential and commitment to the association. New members are selected by the Technical Commissioner. If you want to be eligible for the (sub) selection or for more information, contact the Technical Commissioner (

What we expect from you:
We expect you to find a lot on the job, to improve your skills and to be involved with TC de Uithof. You must also register as an Uithof member at the Olympos Sports Centre and be in possession of an OlymPas. Finally, you must follow at least 80% of selection training and participate in the Club Championships, the Open Tournament of TC de Uithof and the Spring Competition.

What we have to offer you:
Lots of tennis and the possibility to improve your level with a group of fun Uithoffers. Various activities are also organized for (and through) the selection:

Selection training
The selection practices twice a week (1.5 hours) on Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm and Thursday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. These training courses are offered by the association at a discount. The training is provided by Rob van Bunderen, Sattar Shamous and Teun de Vree. The trainers supervise everyone’s personal development and adjust the training accordingly. Video material is also used to speed up the learning process.

Selection weekend
In addition to the selection training sessions, a selection weekend will be organized. The weekend will revolve around tennis and getting to know each other better. The selection prepares for the spring competition during the weekend.

Other activities
In addition to the activities described above, there are of course other activities inside and outside TC de Uithof where it is fun to participate! Think of activities organized by the Uithof, for example the Uithof Open Tournament in March, the fitness training sessions in January and February, the club evening on Thursday evening, and the club championships.

Other activities definitely worthwhile to go to, are the GNSK, the EXTC and the open tournaments organized by our sister associations. Enough possibilities to defend the honour of TC de Uithof!



Datum/Tijd Evenement
23 mei Kanocantus
23 mei TOUS feest
29 mei - 1 juni Roland Garros
30 mei Clubavond
6 juni Pubgolf + borrel
8 juni - 15 juni Clubkampioenschappen
18 juni Actieve Ledendiner
20 juni Clubavond met Oudhof
22 juni Familiedag
27 juni Clubavond