TC de Uithof is the only tennis club for students and one of the largest in the Netherlands with more than 550 members. Throughout the year we organize all kinds of tennis related and social activities. Our club offers great possibilities to enjoy a classical Dutch student life. Many students make their best friends at our sorority and it marks a great chapter in their student life.

I’m not interested in a membership. I just want to play tennis and participate in training!

Thank you for your interest in our club TC de Uithof! Here you’ll find the basic information about the tennis club, such as what it takes to become a member and what you get. Below you will find more information about training and activities. Look through the pages at your own pace, if you have any questions or if things are unclear please send an email to (the Secretary of the club).



Datum/Tijd Evenement
20 juni Clubavond met Oudhof
22 juni Familiedag
27 juni Clubavond
29 juni TC Festival
2 juli Wissel-ALV
4 juli Borrel
5 juli - 7 juli Liftweekend
22 augustus - 24 augustus EXTC
6 september - 8 september Introweekend
20 november Kaartverkoop Lustrumpakketten