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Membership & Registering

How do I become a member?
Our registrations for 2022-2023 are closed.

In the last three years the number of available spots was less than the number of people who wanted to join the tennis club. This could also be the case this year, so there’s a chance you will be excluded. The selection will be based, on timing (the earlier you fill in the form, the greater the chance you will be selected), your tennis level and motivation. You will receive an email with the result of the selection a few days after the last day of the enrollment period. Hopefully we’ll see you in September!

Duration and unsubscribing
A membership at TC de Uithof lasts for at least one year. The membership will silently prolong after this. So if you don’t want to be a member next year, send an email to secretaris@tcdeuithof.nl (the deadline is the 3rd of August 2023) with the message you want to cancel your membership. When you cancel your membership, you’ll be unsubscribed on the 31st of August 2023.

What does a membership cost?
As a member of TC de Uithof, you are required to pay a €55 contribution fee to the club and additionally you need an OlymPas which costs €140, plus SSV registration (i.e.: indicates you are a member when purchasing the OlymPas are from TC de Uithof). In total, as a student, membership at TC de Uithof costs you € 195 euros.

NB: Are you not a student at Utrecht University, the Hogeschool Utrecht or the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht? Then you do not fall into the so-called A-category of Olympos, and you probably cannot purchase an OlymPas at a student rate. Click here to check in which category you belong to.

What do you get in return?
You will, of course, receive a lot in return for your contribution and your OlymPas, namely:

– Access to all activities of TC de Uithof, such as club evenings, fun tournaments and competition. But also, to a wide range of social activities such as monthly drinks, winter sports, weekends away, parties and many more activities.
– Access to all the sports that Olympos offers, click here for more information.



Datum/Tijd Evenement
29 september Commissie Clubavond
6 oktober Cycling Dinner + Borrel
11 oktober Beleids-ALV
13 oktober Selectie Clubavond
18 oktober Kroegentocht
22 oktober Uilskuikentoernooi
27 oktober Open Feest
11 november Introperiode Afsluiting