What does a membership contain?
Access to all activities of TC de Uithof, such as the club’s tennisnights every Thursday, fun tournaments and competition. But also to a wide range of social activities such as the monthly party at the bar, going skiing in the winter, fun weekends, parties and more. We also arrange trips to grand slam Roland Garros, the Davis Cup and the Dutch Tennis Championships.
– Being a member means you have to purchase an OlymPas (more information about this below). This pass gives you acces to the tenniscourt, you can play for example squash, volleybal, participate in other sport courses like climing, boxing and running and various grouplessons, enter the fitness area. You can use the sports facilities at Olympos Sports Center unlimited. It gives you numerous possibilities!
KNLTB registration and the KNLTB membership card. The KNLTB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Lawn Tennis Bond, translated: Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association) is the national tennis association. Registration is required for playing tournaments and competition. TC de Uithof will register you automatically.
20% discount on training.

What does a membership cost?
Subsciption fee
The subscription fee for a membership costs €45 a year. When you become a member you give the club permission for automatic collection of this fee, just as payment for certain activities your participate in. This means it will be deducted directly from your bank account.

Besides this, as stated before, to be able to play at the tenniscourt you have to be in possession of an OlymPas, this is a pass which allows you to practice sports at the sportcentre Olympos. Again, not only you can play tennis with this pass, you can also participate in grouplessons and other sportcourses and enter the fitness area . More information about the available sports programma you can find here. For students at the University of Utrecht the cost for an OlymPas is €135 a year. More information about the cost and how to purchase an OlymPas you can find here. After you bought an OlymPas you have to link the pass to the tennis club or else Olympos doesn’t know you’re a member. You can do that at this page (scroll down below). You have to complete both steps, otherwise you’ll receive a fine of €50! The reason for this is that the tennis club will lose subsidy for every student who doesn’t buy the OlymPas ánd doesn’t link it to the club.

In short, a membership will cost €45 (subscription fee) + €135 (OlymPas) = €180 (a year). The subsciption fee will be drawn form your bank account somewhere along the year and the OlymPas you have to pay up front.

How do I become a member?
Unfortunately right now we’ve reached our maximum capacity of members for the tennisclub. This means people can only register in the period from the 1st till the 17th of August 2019. In this period a link will appear on the site and you can join by filling in the form. The last two years the amount of available spots was less then the amount of people who wanted to join the tennisclub. This could also be the case this year, there’s a chance you will be excluded. The selection will be based, among other things, on timing (the earlier you fill in the form, the greater the chance you will be selected) and motivation. You will receive an email with the result of the selection a few days áfter the last day of the enrollment period.

Duration and unsubscribing
A membership at TC de Uithof lasts for at least one year. The membership will silently prolong after this. So if you don’t want to be a member next year, send a email to (the deadline is the 3rd of August 2019) with the message you want to unsubcribe. Finalizing your membership will still mean you’ll be a member until the 31th of August 2019.