Playing tennis


Competition: At TC de Uithof we have two types of official national competition. The first is on the spring (April and May) and the second is in the fall (September and October). It’s not possible anymore to sign up for the competition in the fall (the deadline has passed). So the next competition you can sign up for is the one in the autum. Signing up for this is possible in the spring of 2018. Beside these to official competitions we also have the club’s wintercompetition in January and February, there will be played in dubbels.

Training: After you’ve purchased the OlymPas you can sign up for training. Our tennis courses take place on the all-weather tennis courts at Olympos. Olympos and tennis club TC de Uithof are working together in offering these courses. When you participate in a course you will have lessons once a week during a set day and time. The tennis lessons will be given by the trainers of tennisschool RG sports (Rob van Bunderen, Teun de Vree and Henrik Kroon).

– Basic tennis training: for beginners. You learn the basic techniques of tennis like forehand, backhand, service, volley, smash and the primary tactics for singles and doubles play. If this is your first tennis course ever, than this course is for you. You start at tennis level 9.
– Tennis training: for advanced players (level 8 to 1). You have learned the basics or have followed tennis courses before. You learn special techniques and combinations. You will also learn more tactics for competitive play.

Springseason training
The course period during the spring is from the 12th of February untill the 8th of June 2019 (only in week 10 the training is cancelled). A maximum of 15 lessons (1 lesson a week) are offered during this period. The lessons are 60 minutes and are given on two tennis courts in groups of 8 persons maximum.

Registration and placement
The registration for the springseasontraining (in Dutch) is open. The registration for the springseasontraining is open untill the 28th of January 2019. Before the placement will be checked if you have an OlymPas with SSC-registration. You can sign up for tennis training at this website.

The chance of being placed is also dependent on your availability. When you register, please make sure that the availability you forward us is correct. If you miss training a few times, than TC de Uithof and Olympos have the right to discontinue your place in the course without restitution of costs.

To register for a training course, you need to have an OlymPas, which is at least valid during the complete course period. The Basic tennis training course can be followed once without any extra costs. Tennis training courses for advanced players require an additional €56.70 (€46.70 for members of TC de Uithof) for one whole training period. All participants will have to pay this before the registration closes.